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This blog is a collection of thoughts, ramblings, and observations relating to subjects of professional (and some personal) interest. This might and will include web and software product development, marketing, digital media, social media, the internet, economics, history, philosophy, social science, physics, music, etc, etc. If there is a “thing”, or an overarching theme to the content contained here, I would say that that its an attempt to provide a “more forest, less trees” point of view to subject matter that is all to often, in my opinion, discussed and dissected in narrow contexts that bely fundamental patterns of thought that can help guide to design elegant products and do our jobs better.  In our fast-paced world of technology where change is the only constant, everything seems new, hyper-dynamic, and about to evolve again in 5 minutes – –  to an extent, this is our reality; however, guiding principles that have been well studied, debated, and tested through history are not only valuable, but are fundamental, grounding beacons that can help us to think correctly even when we aren’t sure we have the right knowledge or insight.   Technology changes really fast, but people don’t change that much… you dig?


I’ve been working for internet and software companies in some flavor of “product” capacity for over 16 years (yes, there was a viable internet industry 16 years ago… we also had cell phones). I’m also a dog owner, musician, amateur cyclist, vinyl record nut, burrito lover, and have been a denizen of San Francisco for those same 15 years. I grew up in the heart of the old Silicon Valley where I learned to love technology and hate the suburbs.  I’m a proud hapa with roots on the Big Island of Hawaii.


I have been a musician since a young age, and I have played in bands for many years and plan on rocking into a ripe old  age.


My current project is a vintage metal outfit called Hot Fog, and here are a few links… Hot Fog on Myspace, Facebook Page.

The Decoration:

In 2002, a band I was in, called Pinq, changed line-ups and it reformed as The Decoration. We put out one album, played some shows and otherwise had a good time of it.  Please feel free to stream or download “Science and Sanity”.

Official Website, on Myspace, on Facebook

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Pinq was a band I formed fairly soon after arriving in San Francisco in 1996.  Two of the members were co-workers of mine at Wired, and they went on to form the band Film School later (who is still going!).  We put out one EP of 8 songs called “Quiet Games for Hot Weather“, did one tour, and played a lot locally in San Francisco.  The band eventually became The Decoration.  Stream and download away!

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