Google Reader is (almost) Dead… Long Live RSS!

2013-04-04_09-32-10(Did you notice that I made my “rss collage” header image sepia toned?  That’s supposed to make it look all “old timey” and vintage… anyway..) Google does keep to their word, and they are pretty ruthless (and disciplined) about cutting products – – you’re next Google Reader! At first – – but only for a brief moment – – I was a little disappointed.  Let’s face it though, its not like there haven’t always been a lot of RSS readers out there, and a lot of folks have been ringing the death knell of RSS for a long time – – even before Google made their announcement.

I still like and use RSS, and I’m moving to Feedly (like 3 million other people). The ability to just import your entire Google Reader account, including categories, made it a no brainer – – ain’t creative destruction a wonderful thing?  In fact, I hadn’t cleaned up my feeds in a while, and  their “Organize” UI is really well done – check it out:2013-04-04_09-27-30

Oh… wait – they are gonna charge? RSS is Dead!

I think the claims that Twitter is killing RSS are valid, but my feeling is that a lot of people who started following a lot of media via Twitter had never used RSS in the first place. Twitter isn’t a good substitute for a “reader” (remember when they called them “news readers?”) because most of the publishers end up mixing in a lot of noise with links to full articles and blog posts. The lack of a structured summary isn’t that appealing, either, but I’m pretty sure no one reads that much anymore, so no big. Twitter killed reading… In fact, if you are still reading this blog post, I’m really shocked.