Mobile App Stores

Above is a presentation given by Distimo Blog about mobile app stores, pricing, revenue, market size, etc.  There are a lot of interesting tidbits in there, but here were the pieces I found interesting:
  • Android has the highest % of free apps.  My conclusion here is that Android is a lot easier to develop to and
    the space isn’t as crowded yet, so developers are jumping in because they see the risk-reward to be a lot lower than iPhone.
  • Blackberry (RIM) and Microsoft app prices are almost twice as high.  I actually don’t get this at all, and as a Blackberry user, it annoys me that apps are so expensive for the Blackberry.  Sometimes the price differential between iPhone and Blackberry is over $20!
  • They predict that prices are going to level out and go down.  This, of course, makes sense, since competition and increased transparency will force developers to increase the quality and reduce the prices.  As developers get more adept at creating apps, they’ll get more efficient.

Suffice it to say, I’m moving to Android as soon as I can.  A $30 Skype app for my Blackberry is ridiculous when its $4.99 on the iPhone.

Mind Blown

Those of us who work in technology can often become jaded perhaps “unimpressable” by new technologies or applications of technology. After all, innovations are usually iterative and built upon an existing bedrock of technology that may not seem very impressive anymore. There are time, though, when your mind gets totally blown, and you start thinking that maybe you will get that jet-pack before you die. This video from TED is utterly amazing, and my mind was fully blown. Privacy issues? Whatever.