As I embark on this blog,  …  Indeed, over the years, I have started and then proceeded to almost immediately quit many blogs.  This doesn’t even begin the number of blogs I’ve started on various platforms for testing purposes (code snippets, widgets, SEO research, ad integration, etc., etc.)

Putting your world “in the cloud”, as it were, is not a bad thing, and in fact, it is an area of interest for me right now that delving into quite a bit.  The problem – or challenge – is that one must decide for oneself, and I do believe it deserves a bit of thought, what to leave to the cloud, why, and how much effort to put in.

I have decided that my own domain (timjmitchell.com) should be a base, if you will, where my personal and professional lives merge,  while leaning mostly towards the professional.  I have started two other blogs, one uniquely personal about a hobby of mine, and one that will be uniquely professional in nature.  I’ll cross-post all posts from those blogs here, and there will be posts here that cover a wide range of topics.

Feel free to contact, comment, and communicate.